Who are you?? .. What do you stand for?? What influences your decisions.. What informs your choices?? .. Lol.. Hang on everyone.. I promise this is leading somewhere..

I wish I knew your answers.. But I certainly know what influences my style choices.. It is a product of my culture and traditions, the international world and my own true essence..I constantly explore the marriage of Western and African fashion..

How awesome would it be?? To constantly wear pieces that are:  quintessentially cool, yet telling an authentic African story..

..Of folklore and maidens strolling down the stream on a balmy evening..

I find the thought totally intriguing.. I constantly find myself reworking “African”.. Or exploring the many possibllilities of wearing African.. Take for example my outfit for the day..

IMG_2794 IMG_2802 IMG_2801 IMG_2783

I am wearing a blazer, a black shirt.. And a wrapper.. I find it an absolutely wearable outfit.. First it could easily be any print skirt… Secondly.. The wrapper is super comfy and gives me a nice authentic African feel.. This I live for!!!

I dream of a world.. Where we accept everyone.. Love everyone but also stand very proud in our heritage… Where Africa is totally cool and there’s nothing in the least primitive about projecting this as the norm..

These possibilities influence my style decisions.. What influences yours???

I would love to hear from you…

Have a fantastic Tuesday all..
Stay supremely blessed!!

Be kind! Be happy.. Add Value!

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