Going down memory lane.. A sturdy, curious 11 year old girl in gigantic Red frames comes to mind.. Dating back to  J.S.S 1 at Federal Government girls college Owerri.. Perhaps the obsession started then.. Or maybe even earlier.. Blurry lines..

A trip by the Tiffany Amber Studio at Musa Y’aradua (Lagos) 2 weeks ago left a very pleasant feeling.. A showroom filled with beautiful designs.. and some delightful sale prices..Tiffany Amber’s darling concoction of Red Tulle Skirt and Chiffon red blouse brought the red obsession to fore…They hung far apart..yet beckoned equally strongly..and were purchased…and styled together..

..in a blinding flash of crimson radiance.. and joyful harmonies..


Style Tip: Monotones often make for a nice pulled together look.

IMG_9739 IMG_9750 IMG_9751 IMG_9754 IMG_9757 IMG_9759


Have a Tremendously thrilling Tuesday all..



Red Skirt and Red Top: Tiffany Amber

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  1. Love the whole ensemble but I’m not sure I can afford these ‘bigwig’ designers.
    Will keep looking though – I get a lot of style inspiration from here.
    Have a great week Ma’am.

    • Thanks.. Some of them go on sale and you would be pleasantly surprised at the prices… Please keep visiting and have a great day! xxx

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