Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! I hope you all have a truly happy and fulfilling day.. filled with the very best feelings and a heart filled with love and joy for all around you.

How did you start your day?? My day started off on an amazing note!! I went to church and listened to an amazing sermon about overcoming temptation and also showing love to the less privileged in the society.. It really put things in perspective and pushed me forward for the day in the right frame of mind. It was also fun infusing a little bit of Scarlet influences in my outfit for church..See photo below:





What did you wear to church?? Did you go full on red?? or you went with just a bit of red?? or you totally ignored valentine’s day??

After church, I picked up my nieces and we headed out to Maison Fahrenheit hotel for breakfast. I love the quiet and homely break-fast buffet Maison Fahrenheit offers…We spent the morning bonding, sharing joyous memories and just basically stuffing our faces with food and joy!!

L-R: Shanice Frederick-Eze, Ezinne Chinkata and Chloe Frederick-Eze
L-R: Shanice Frederick Eze and Ezinne Chinkata


… so my day has started off on a  great note!!! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the day has in stock for me..  Super excited!!

At some stage, I shall be visiting Hussaina.. Remember Hussaina?: Hussaina

Have a fantastic day all… and give as much love as you possibly can to all around you!


Ezinne Chinkata

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