Kimono’s, Abaya’s and Capes are still keeping quite a strong presence in the fashion scenes. It’s really interesting to see. Abaya’s were once regarded as  Fashion for “Muslims”. A drastic change in trends sees the Abaya styles filtering into mainstream fashion with different designers modifying the concept to suit their design aesthetics and customer base. A new name has emerged “Modestwear”.

In the stores,we have noted a spiked interest in enquiries regarding Abaya’s and flowing Kimonos. I also find myself gravitating more and more towards them as a fashion choice.

In today’s post I am wearing a beige mixed cream kimono by Abaya Lagos worn over a maxi dress by FIA,and a white box bag by  Dot Fashions. All made in Nigeria and super cool! Available in the store in different sizes!

See photos below:







Have a thrilling Tuesday!!

and see you in store soon!


Ezinne Chinkata


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