One of the most amazing aspects of my existence is my “heritage”. I am thankful for being born as an African at such a time as this. I love Nigeria and embrace every opportunity I get to flaunt our beautiful style and culture.

In the photo above, I am wearing a hat I got from 41 Luxe store in Lagos. It is called  the Zanna Hula (Cap in Hausa) and is quite a common hat worn by men in the Northern Nigerian States. I wasn’t quite sure I would ever find a way to wear the hat, but the right opportunity came today!

It is the  perfect (in my opinion) fit for this off-shoulder print dress stocking at Zinkata and by Chichia London. They both have similar warm colours.I threw on earrings by Shourouk I got from the Designer’s club Lagos. I needed danglers to sort of soften the masculinity of the hat as well as the juxtaposition of the hat against the earrings. A strange harmony I would say!!

My shoes are by DOT Fashions; a Nigerian Accessories brand. They are super comfy and handmade! I finished up the entire look with a bag by Jewel By Lisa. The green of the bag fused nicely with my earrings and gave the entire look a great tropical feel..

Can you tell I am totally obsessed???


See more photos below

IMG_0294 IMG_0298

IMG_0323 IMG_0336

Have a great weekend all.


Ezinne Chinkata


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