Have you ever wondered what goes through a blogger’s mind or the process behind getting the “perfect” photo? To be quite honest, it isn’t always as glam as it seems! Somedays it is, but I must confess, other days, it is just a regular job!

Listed below are a couple of comments and questions you would hear thrown around whilst the process of trying to get the perfect photo is going on! Really hilarious when you think of it! But at that very moment, it all feels really serious! Reading through these comments had me cracking up!

a. Is my hair a mess?

b. Oh Lord, I am not in the mood all of a sudden! I hope it doesn’t show in the photos.

c. Smile with your eyes

d. It really should come more naturally than this (Near frustration stage)

e. Oh, this is such fun, can’t wait to see the images

f. I hope the top does not look creased. I forgot to steam it (panic mode)

g. Is the lighting right? (Fussing)

h. Err, I don’t like showing too much leg. Isn’t that a bit of a suggestive pose?

g. To the photographer: Can I see the image please?

h. Are these photos not too dark?

more comments after the photo below


I. Are we done?

j. Oh it’s so nice!!

k. Can you please help tuck in my bra strap?

l: Where’s our next location?

m: Is my hair ok in the photo?

n: Are we done yet?

o: Please hold that pose.

p: Smile!

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Have a great week all!!

and take a minute, step back and look unto life’s dramatic moments through humorous lenses!


Ezinne Chinkata

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