I haven’t been on here for a while..Should I just go ahead and post like I never left? I think I just may have to take this route.. I shall write a separate post next updating you on all the momentous events that have happened!

Still here we are and how gorgeous is this blue outfit I HAVE ON??  It’s never a bad move to fuse different shades of the same primary colour in one outfit. Say for example you have a deep green dress, you could match it with a light green alice band and then a green bag as well.. The trick to the fusion is taking an additional contrasting block colour and rounding it all up. In the case of the greens , you could opt for tan pumps and it all comes together nicely.

In my case for todays outfit, I threw on a pin stripe blue jumpsuit, a lace aquamarine/blue top, a blue bag (an old one from mother dearest). All these are old faves from my wardrobe and I tied it all together with black slippers.

Blue sort of always puts me in a fabulous mood. It was an exciting outfit to flit around my different chores in.  I got called pretty twice!The magic of nicely blended colours❤️❤️

Who’s going to try this colour story? Feel free to explore💥💥




Ezinne Chinkata




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