Hello all….

I hope you are all having  a fantastic week so far.. I am still reeling from the weekend. It was my birthday on Sunday.. I am so glad to be here..alive and kicking.. and getting steadily older and wiser..Thank you all for the messages… It certainly made my day even more special.

Did any one ever watch the movie Breakin’ (Break Dance)?… This outfit is my version of Break-dance. Growing up, I was obsessed with the movie and I think my subconscious still gravitates towards some of the styles..

I loved Kelly (Lucinda Dickey).. She was so cool with her short 80’s hair and leg warmers and semi tomboy sexy outfits… Oh well.. I sort of came up with this outfit without consciously referencing her in my head..But when I saw these images.. I felt I was having a bit of my own break dance moment..


I started slowly… I whipped out a Crisp White Shirt from my wardrobe.. It is actually from the Men’s section of my favorite Vintage Store. I love the masculine severity… Then..I went over to skirts  and picked out this body con inspired Ankara skirt by KINABUTI. It has matching (Leg warmers?).. leg accessories which felt just right..Thankfully they are made from a light cotton fabric, so it almost feels like I am wearing 3/4 leggins..







I can’t explain to you all how powerful I felt in this outfit.. It felt super comfortable and I was so happy… My darling mother preferred black patent heels instead but the metallic pink shoes were going nowhere..

So this is my outfit of the day.. Would we like to play the caption game again??

Please be my guest!!! Caption this!.. Win a prize..


Zinkata (ezinnechinkata@gmail.com)

Photography: Kola Oshalusi

Skirt  and Leg Accessories: Kinabuti

Sunglasses: Oliver Bonas

Bag: Missoni

Shoes: Topshop

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