What is your ultimate GO TO LOOK for a date?

2 years ago, my answer to date wear, would be, do not wear anything too obvious, look smart, nice, comfortable and not like you made much of an effort.Recently, I pondered the question again and was shocked to realise I had a different answer to it.

Date wear: “Whip out a look I feel absolutely awesome in. So what if it looks like I made a bit of an effort to look great? It is a date right? and the idea is to look nice and be looked upon in admiration?

Here goes: My current date wear ideals.

I picked out a fitted navy blue velvet dress from my wardrobe.It has quite a snug fit but is also very comfortable. I like the colour and how it sets off my skin. It is  fitted but also manages to look respectable. Just the right amount of feminine/alluring without going into trashy territory..Well, I dare hope not! I struggled quite a bit with shoes. I opted for Red kitten heel sling-back pumps, just because I could not for the life of me wear this super tight dress with super high heels.😜The key for making an outfit choice is your comfort and what your innate style is,  not what you feel looks good.

Whilst putting together this outfit, I thought back to a date I went on once. I opted for a trouser suit. It was quite a nice trouser suit but I can’t for the life of me decipher what my thought process was at the time and why that was my outfit of choice.

Back to my current state of mind.. Well this is what my current date wear idea is. Or an outfit along these lines.. What are your thoughts guys? What would you wear out on a date? Please contribute!!


Dress or pants? What date wear girl are you?



Ezinne Chinkata


  1. Love your dress! I would definitely wear a fitted dress and high heels. Not a big fan of jeans but some skin tight ripped jeans with heels is also a killer choice for me..

  2. Ulumma Gbayesola Reply

    I love your dress. It really accentuates your curves and shows off your femininity in it to full scale. The lady-ness in you pulled off quite well in It, colour , texture and all. Bet your date would be pleased. Choice of wear for me might depend on the stages or kind of date o. If it’s a first date that most ladies won’t take too seriously but still want to make a good impression non the less- then you can consider ripped jeans or smart casuals on all that. But when it’s going to the serious level of dating ( and no playing games) ehen- I see the dress in the picture as the perfect choice to doing all the work🤣🤣. The best is always kept for the last.x

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