Today’s post is aimed at making the best out of simple co-ordinates.The term, “I don’t have anything to wear” is actually quite un-true. There is always an alternative. Be it over-the top or starkly simple or re-working an old dress with different pairings. The saying, “there is elegance in simplicity goes a really long way”.

Say for example you have a really great party to attend and you can’t for the life of you figure out what to wear. You can look truly fantastic wearing really well cut simple pieces. I shall use my outfit for today’s post as an example:

I am pictured wearing blue jeans from my wardrobe and a top from the store by Nkwo and ¬†matching heels. It is a really easy look but it comes together quite pleasingly. I shall be very comfortable in this outfit for a lot of events and here’s why:

a. The jeans are well cut and flattering

b. The top is simple and timeless

c. The shoes are a complimentary colour to the jeans

d. Overall, I come off looking neat and pulled together.


…that in itself is the secret to putting together great outfits and great styling.Putting out a pulled together, cohesive look irrespective of the style. The simplest starkest looks can end up being the most striking in the room, Just based on how they are co-ordinated , how you pull it together and how neat and composed you appear. (Hair and Make-up takes it up a notch)

What else is important? How you carry it! (CONFIDENCE) You stand tall and walk sure.It works always! and turns even the most non-descript outfits to super stunners!

See more photos below:





Ezinne Chinkata


  1. Ulumma Gbayesola Reply

    Such a beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing dear. We all need this piece of inspiration especially when we tend to have our “bad dress days “or just stuck on choice of what to wear with so little.
    I especially love the 3rd pic with hands on waist pose. Simply stunning.x

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