Hello all… I trust we are all  having a really great Easter day so far…I believe this just may be my happiest Easter!! Why? Because, I have made a concerted effort for it to be so..

I started off by trying something a little bit different this year.. I wanted a truly wholesome and classic Easter.. Filled with celebrating the true essence of Easter in my heart as well as sharing it with all those around me..

The week prior to today, I read most of the scriptures on the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ and got a much greater understanding of it all than I have ever before.. You too should try it.. with the knowledge of the risen king in my heart and the implications of all he did for us and how he died on the cross to set us free.. I set off to church today.. and had a truly solemn service WITH CHRIST SOLELY IN MY HEART..

PS: This post is not about what I wore so I shall not go into further details.. My outfit is pictured above..

.. I am back home and ready to spend the day ensconced with all those I hold dear.. “Family and some friends”.. and basically spreading love and joy around.. I am grateful to have all my family with me at such a time as this and I look forward to a great Easter celebration in all it’s quintessential form; Meaningful, deep, joyous and peaceful..

I wish you all the very same and even more…

Yours in humble servitude…

Ezinne Chinkata


  1. You know,there is something about you.A sort of balance:Spiritual,physical,emotional,social balance.i believe you are healthy all round.Please keep it up, its necessary (not optional) in this crazy world.
    God bless and lead you Ezinne.

    • Hello Onyi… I am not quite sure I have heard words nicer than these!! Thank you soo much.. I wish you the very same balance.. and may we keep at it!.. God bless you!

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