2017 is the  year to take stock of where we are and all we need to move ahead. For this to be a reality, we need to be very discerning to “identify our core areas of struggle as well as practices we need to implement or eliminate”. I shall stay very strong and do all within my power to sustain, attract and achieve all I want for this year.I can quite confidently state that my 2017 would be my most spectacular year yet, in every area! You may wonder how I can quite confidently state this. Well, I have a little confession!

I plan to commence sessions with the Magniessence coach!


It would be quite a selfish act if I Kept mum about it all. We are all about empowering each other collectively. Yes? and so I shall share quite happily! I had a quick interview with  Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju, The Magniessence Coach. Read all about it below:




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1. Ezinne Chinkata: Please Tell us a bit more about what you do and your back-ground

Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju: Our mission at Magniessence Coaching (www.magniessence.com) is to help you to reconnect with yourself so that you may magnify your essence and reveal your magnificence to the world.

Because you are a whole as opposed to simply a sum of parts, YOUR transformation will be facilitated with an integrative approach bearing your emotional, mental and physical health in mind.

With integrative coaching you ensure that you are adequately supported all round so that you can bring your A- game to life with more ease and less strain, leading to more fulfillment and happiness.


2.Ezinne Chinkata : Please give us a practical example of how this has transformed someone’s life

Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju: There are many examples:

From a CEO in London: “I have done a number of courses, worked with business consultants, accountability and peer groups. While all helpful, nothing compares to my work with Bolutiwi. Each session is insightful and enjoyable. I always feel a boost and see new ways of doing and approaching things. Day to day, I see practical progress and an overall improvement in my life beyond my initial goal. Often it is as if she is reading my mind – each session, each book recommendation etc is right on time and target.

Halfway through, my expectations have been exceeded many times over. Not only is my original goal manifesting with ease, I am dreaming and achieving even bigger. Even more and unexpectedly so, my health, relationships and “future dreams” are coming up and resolving themselves. I feel healthier, happier and good about my accomplishments and efforts than ever. My friends and colleagues have commented on how much more energised I am.Since these sessions, I have a new sense of myself by seeing myself through Bolutiwi’s fresh and supportive eyes.”

From an Education Manager in Dubai :”I was really struggling with my weight and self-esteem and felt uncomfortable in my own body as my mobility felt reduced, I was tired all the time and I wasn’t as interested in exercise as I have been previous to coming to Dubai. I therefore made contact with Bolutiwi because I liked the sound of her approach to coaching. She used various techniques and listened to me if I didn’t like certain approaches and adjusted our course appropriately.

After several weeks my weight became less of an obsession, I understand good nutrition much better and I am now far more active, exercising every day and generally listening to my body much more. During our weeks working together we also managed to resolve various other personal issues in our journey such as learning to live with family illness, how to be less stressed in my job and I feel I have found peace within myself, with my abusive biological mother.Bolutiwi takes a friendly, respectful approach in her practices. She listens to her clients and follows the natural route that sessions may take.”


3. Ezinne Chinkata: What would you say stops us from achieving our maximum potential?

Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju: I would say it is fear. Fear can be useful when we are able to understand and overcome it. By that I meant we don’t let it get in the way of our desires. When we are driven by our fears instead of our desires, we are constantly limited… One of my favourite quotes is by Marianne Williamson

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”

This is food for thought…


4.Ezinne Chinkata: I am curious to see your response to this. Success versus Fulfilment? Which should we strive for?

Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju: This is an interesting question. I’m tempted to ask another? Why choose? Why can’t we have it all? I see success as a three part process. Let me illustrate this with an example. When I’m getting super results in terms of sales and profit I guess I’m 33% successful. When I’m also proud of the person I am and the values I’ve adhered to whilst achieving the results I’m now at 66%. When in addition I’m happy about my interactions with others and honoring the needs of the stakeholders to the best of my ability whilst achieving my goals then I can say I’m an all-round success. I like what I do. I like who I am and I like how I’m doing it. So when we’re 100% successful, I guess we feel fulfilled. What is true though is that we may no achieve the results we expected, but still be proud of who we were whilst trying. This can be fulfilling in its own way too..


5. Ezinne Chinkata: How did you start the journey?

Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju: I’ve always been interested in helping people know their power. After several years in the corporate world during which many people came to me for inspiration and advice, I went through some challenging experiences during which I had to dig deep with to reconnect with my essence, my true desires, my power… This process of self rediscovery was facilitated by coaching. I simply can’t express enough gratitude for the coaches who held the space so that I could see my blind spots and raise my consciousness. Following this journey of introspection and awareness, I realized that I wanted to create a space for others to find the inspiration they need to enable the transformation they seek.


6. Ezinne Chinkata:  How do we start the journey?

Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju: The first step is to reach out and share your concern, challenge, goal.. At Magniessence Coaching, I offer a complimentary Introductory session so that I may assess if I believe I can support you and so that we can both assess if we’re the right fit for each other. Once we’ve decided to work together, we go through a bespoke program tailored to clarify your goals, release old programs that no longer serve you, choose and implement new strategies for success and fulfillment… During and after the program you experience shifts in consciousness that lead to transformation in a manner that is so remarkable that people start asking you ” What’s your secret?”.


7. Ezinne Chinkata:  How did you start on these training programmes?

Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju: I’m glad you asked this question. it gives me an opportunity to make an important distinction between training and coaching. In training, one will be sharing knowledge and information that the person being trained is meant to learn. With coaching the coach, come with their challenge and or goal and I the coach with a number of techniques helps them shift perspective in a manner that facilitates the transformation they see. Today I am a certified RSCI Life Coach, Time Paradigm TM Techniques Practitioner, NLP Coach and Practitioner, as well as an IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) Health Coach.


8.Ezinne Chinkata:  Do you have tailored packages for each individual?

Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju: Absolutely. In fact bespoke programs are a corner stone of my approach. As I take into consideration the mental, emotional and physical aspects, I must consider the bio-individuality of my clients. In order to augment success, I adapt each program to the goals, unique challenges, life style …. of my clients.


9. Ezinne Chinkata:  Who is your target market?

Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju: I’m passionate about working with high achieving women who’ve reached a stage in their lives in which they feel the discomfort of not being completely in sync. This in my view is a good sign.. It means that they are ready for the next step. The smart ones don’t try and figure it out all by themselves.. They seek help and support because they know that asking for help does not make them weak, it makes them smart enough to want to get support to help them achieve their goals successfully. They know that they are worthy of the investment in their own well being and success.


For further details, Please visit the Magniessence website:

Have a brilliant week all!


Ezinne Chinkata

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