I heard from another friend that Melvin was going to come visiting.He was set to meet with Supo by 11:30 for a business meeting at Supo’s residence on Lafiaji street. This was all the information I needed to set my plans in motion! I was super excited, fever pitch excitement to be precise.

“Finally, I get a chance to  meet him”, I mused out loud. Melvin has been the object of my fantasy for a mighty long time. There just never seemed to be the right moment for us to hit it off. Finally, I had my one chance to engage in conversation,  albeit a causal one. Surely, he would see how perfectly matched we are.

I have come up with a plan, I shall be walking down the street just as he parks by Supo’s house. Once he steps out of his car, I shall co-incidentlaly be visiting as well, that way, we can get a few words in and… leave the rest to me.

Now , for the exciting part of it all..”What will I wear for this pre-meditated “chance encounter?” I am well aware this is quite important. I certainly would like to show off my figure, but not in a too obvious way. I think the vibe I shall be going for is “Business Eclectic” with striking hues and a mono tonal silhouette.

Here’s my outfit choice all handpicked from the select pieces available at Zinkata:

a. A precisely cut Pencil skirt with a form fitting flared hemline by The Ladymaker

b. Green T-shirt by Emmy Kasbit

c. Super cute embellished circle bag by Dot Fashions


From my wardrobe:

d. My trustee Purple pumps


I am all dressed and it’s almost 11;30, time for my orchestrated  bumping in. I truly hope this works out! In the meantime, here’s a photo of my outfit. What do you guys think? Too severe or just right? Pray tell…




I shall await your feedback!


Ezinne Chinkata






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