Last week Saturday,I wore a white shirt, teamed with cream pants and brown heels..all old pieces from my wardrobe.. I was headed to Zinkata..This time my Ankara leg warmers by Kinabuti served as a sort of Physical Ode to continent Africa..

IMG_2878 IMG_2903 IMG_2926


I must confess at some point, I had to change from this outfit.Remember how we always discuss making sure our outfits are appropriate for the event/place we are heading to..

Later on in the day, I had  to dash off to visit my niece at her boarding school ..For some reason this outfit just didn’t feel quite right.. 

I changed to a floral dress (available at Zinkata), pictured below and jeans.. It felt more “meeting impressionable young girls appropriate”..  and much more mellow..


Tip of the Day: Always ask yourself this important question:

Is my outfit appropriate for the occasion?”..

This question should keep us in check and ensure we are appropriately dressed at all times…


Have a great week all!


Positivity in thought, process and outcome shall be ours this week.

Live your week like its golden!!!


Ezinne Chinkata

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