What we wear has a really tremendous effect on how we feel about ourselves.It also affects our productive levels.

Great Outfit, Great Mood, Great Output

Yes, we may wear the dowdiest pieces and still come up with the most spectacular ideas.However, it has been quite proven that a powerful outfit gives an extra boost and makes us feel really positive and happy. It gets us excited about the day ahead and keeps us upbeat. This feeds into positive outcomes, productive days and efficiently processing our workload.

This week, may I ever so kindly suggest we tap into investing in an outfit by Gozel Green.  They are a Nigerian based brand with pieces stocking at Zinkata. They specialise in really chic and beautiful pieces, absolutely perfect for the work place. It is the perfect outfit to place you in a really positive vibe; Unique enough to make you stand out nicely and pretty enough to get your feel good endorphins in full action!!

They are quite a hit with our really savvy clients.Their most recent arrivals in store are pieces from their “A Band of Guerilla’s” capsule collection. They are characterised by sombre colours, sturdy breathable fabric ,threaded details in complimentary colours and cheeky slits. Really stunning!

Pictured below is an image of a skirt by Gozel Green from the collection teamed with a top by Dahlia also stocking at the store.img_2673

img_2534 img_2574 img_2586

Ugochi Omonode was spotted looking gorgeous in Gozel Green. She is pictured wearing a structured top with threaded details as pockets on the sleeves as well as split pants with threaded details! Very beautiful! See photo below:

Ugochi Omonode

Have an awesome week all!!

Stop by Zinkata for truly awesome fashion! We would absolutely love to have you in store!


Ezinne Chinkata

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