This often happens to me, and I am sure to so many of us. I clock into a really pretty dress in the store bar one major hitch. It is way too short and as a result, I may not be able to wear it as often as I would love to. Fret not all! There always is a great solution. If you feel that strongly about the dress, it compliments your figure and excites you to no end, then perhaps you should buy it and work around making the length work for you.

In today’s post, I found a handy solution. I had worn this dress from the store for an earlier event but it felt just on the wrong side of too short.. The thing with dress lengths, what is appropriate is often subjective. I often don’t go by a one length fits all type of formula. My judgement is based on how comfortable I feel.

I was a bit uncomfortable wearing the dress pictured in this post by itself. I matched it with skinny black jeans and it was quite a complimentary look. It automatically looked like I was wearing a really cool tunic. Matching print co-ordinates for the bag and shoes pulled the entire look together.

The bag is lovingly handmade by Dotfashions . She has a fun selection of great bags including this in the store.

See more photos below:




Pull out that super short dress and make it weerrrk!!

Who knows, yours may also work matched with a skirt underneath! I shall write a post on that soon!


Have an awesome day all.



Ezinne Chinkata

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