Today’s post is  aimed at exploring great ideas for re-working Asoebi Outfits. You can pull out your long forgotten Aso-ebi styles and re-work your favourites! For my fabulous Non-Nigerian readers, Aso-ebi refers to fabric bought by a certain group of people to wear for an event. Say for example my younger brother was getting married, my mom would have a particular style and colour of fabric for family and friends to all wear on that day. It usually is a means of identifying with the family and a sign of support from the people wearing it.

Most times, they are made from Ankara fabric or lace fabric. They end up not getting much wear after the actual events they were made for or worn only to similar events.

In today’s post, I have sort of picked out 2 Aso-ebi outfits from my wardrobe and re-worked them for contemporary use.



Matching Lace pants and top 


I wore this outfit for a wedding for my darling cousin, Nina’s wedding. I decided to wear the lace pants with a crisp white shirt, heels and a structured handbag. Totally different outfit. See photos below:

Look 2:

Matching Ankara Pleated Skirt and Top

                    Flanked by the Irune Girls

I wore this matching outfit for my friends fathers wake-keeping. It has been in my wardrobe ever since until I came up with the grand idea of pairing the skirt with a nice fun t-shirt and heels. I could totally wear this to wok or even to hang out with friends


See photo below.


I hope this post has been helpful!!


Have an awesome weekend all!


Ezinne Chinkata


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