“Hello Monday/March, What you gat for me??”,  My attempt at “cool” speak . Oh well, I have got a lot for you. You Just watch out! But first, let’s get the fashion & style bit well out of the way.


What I am Wearing

I am dressed in an oversized shirt by Nkwo from the store. It is such a cool top and I styled it with a pleated skirt and navy blue shoes. I must say it felt super comfy and at the same time really cool. I shall certainly be wearing this top for a mighty long time! It is also available in store now in limited quantity.




Come through Zinkata in the month of March for truly amazing fashion! Talking about March! I can’t believe it’s the third month of the year already! At this rate, another Christmas is almost upon us.

Here are the steps  I shall take this week to ensure I am well on my way to a purposeful March and an amazing 2018

a. Analyse my current situation and refresh my mind on my goals and plans.

b. Take deliberate steps at achieving my goals

c. Keep focused and minimise distraction ( In my case, limiting my attachment to my phone)

d. Pushing out the pending projects with a sense of urgency

e. Keeping body and soul together, exercise, pray & eat healthy

f. Doing at least one thing that excites me this week!


Who’s with me on this?

Have an amazing Week all!


Ezinne Chinkata

Photo Credit: @3188studios

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