It is such a beautiful Friday!! I sincerely hope everyone feels the same way.. I am so positive and buzzing with creative energy!!How is yours going?? Please write back and give me a feel of what it has been like thus far..

I shall elaborate on mine.. and do hope you find it entertaining ..

How thrilled was I, when I discovered these Akara Leg-warmers from Nigerian  based Italian Design label; Kinabuti.I whipped out old favourites from my wardrobe and sort of  mixed and mashed them in a way that made perfect sense to me.. and sort of excited me.. I love the leg-warmers especially.. They make me feel like an African Warrior Princess.. The beret gives the outfit a Vintage vibe..It also really helped that the colour of my beret goes with my crochet top..

I felt really bold and powerful.. My strides were strong and happy…Voila..!!


I also had a short filming session with the IBSTMEDIA team.. They  shot a short clip of me in my boutique for a New-York fashion network.. It was such fun!! I am usually a bit stiff in front of the cameras..but today was not quite painful.. Possibly a combination of the leg-warmers and the great team…

IMG_7132IMG_7200IMG_7151 IMG_7169

Did you project your culture/heritage with your outfit today??? Let us know how!

Have an awesome weekend all and I  hope to see you at the store soonest!!


Ezinne Chinkata


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