Hello my awesome Zinkata readers… A new week is upon us and I wish you all the amazing things you wish yourself. Over the years, while working as an entrepreneur or even in paid employment (9-5), I have often struggled with super efficiency and getting things done right and in a timely manner. Friday comes along and you wonder where all the time went, and you have this sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, either because you still have most of your workload to finish..or because you have just not done as you wished to.

I am by no means an expert at this yet, but here are some tips for getting things sorted and feeling fulfilled at the end of the week..

First, you have to lay out goals.. Sit down in a quiet place and evaluate your life : Establish what makes you happy in the long run and think of how to achieve this.. Once you have a goal and direction, then you can make a list and finally start charting your course..

In my case,I thought deep and hard about what makes me tick and what would keep me fulfilled and happy.. Some top points came to me and here’s a broad categorisation of some of them..These are my top 4  and achieving all this would make me very fulfilled..

1. A deep connection with God
2. Overwhelming Success at work
3. Healthy living
4. Time for family and friends..

I tried out a quick method that seems to be working for me.. I mapped out a schedule… I am afraid it all can’t be said in this post..but hopefully this should help jump start you in the right direction. Here’s a summary of how I proceed with my day..

a. Wake up by 5.30 am or earlier.. Do a quick workout.. Recently I have discovered skipping, I find it quick and effective. This morning I skipped a thousand times.. It felt great and exhilarating.. (Healthy living satisfied) Obviously you back this up with eating right and drinking as much water as you can.
b. Jumped in the shower and dressed up.. This is quite effective because I pick out what to wear the day before. I pick out my outfit for the week in advance. It keeps me organised and saves me time. I also pack my bag the night before.
c. This should take me right down to 6:25 am.. Most times, I dash off for (Church)morning service(for 6:45).. It’s a quick 25 minutes or 30 minutes service and keeps me sort of centered for the whole day.. Otherwise, I stay in my room and read some devotionals..
d. Straight from church, I dash swiftly to the office and I am at work bright and early by 7:50 at the latest.
This schedule works wonders for my productivity and gives me a great sense of fulfillment. I get home for 7 and I give my best shot at bonding with my family. It also really helps to have an early night, so I blink out by at the most 10pm. So far so good…This is just a broad categorisation of how I try to achieve my life’s fulfilling agenda.. Baby steps. There are obviously little plans amongst this routine schedule.

I am quite aware that we are all at different phases in our lives and with different goals, priorities and situations. Still, we can figure out a routine that works for us and gets us to fulfill our life’s agenda..

Something else well worthy of note here is the importance of having the right mindset. A positive mindset goes a long way.. Wake up proclaiming positivity and wishing for the best and so it shall be.I would love to hear your thoughts on this.. How does it work for you? What are your life’s ambitions..how do you plan to achieve it?

Today’s outfit is a Bridget Awosika muted floral top (Absolutely love the cut and feel of it) and my acid rinse cutouts.. It is such a ballsy and upbeat outfit and a great image for you all..to jumpstart your week in a positive decisive way!.. Stay blessed and stay positive!


IMG_5693 IMG_5695 IMG_5702 IMG_5715 IMG_5704 IMG_5743 IMG_5697



Yours sincerely,
Ezinne Chinkata

Photography: Kola Oshalusi
Top: Bridget Awosika
Cut-offs: Topshop
Shoes: irregualr Choice


  1. Great Tips!!! Waking up early is sooo key. I find that bit difficult as I fall into the category of “not a morning person” but I have admitted to myself that it’s just an excuse. Going to bed as early as possible helps a lot. Well done girl! You’re doing really awesome.

  2. I think waking up early is so useful. Don’t always manage it but its a great habit. Thanks for the great post.

  3. Ezinne, I absolutely love your website, very bright and seems like lots of fun! Well done!!

    Find the post very interesting as it is quite similar in broad ways to what I consider success for each day…God, family, work, exercise….

    For me however, as I am NOT a morning person, I achieve only the barest minimum in the mornings ie waking up 😉 – everything, apart from work tends to be done in the evenings…so I guess part of achieving success at work is to ensure that I’m home early enough!


    • Thank you very much Tolu! Well said! I totally agree! Thanks for stopping by! Perhaps try sleeping earlier? It may make waking up early not so tedious..

  4. Ezinne, you seem like such a fun, bubbly and positive person. I really enjoy reading your posts and absolutely adore your fashion sense.
    I remember you from school (FGGC Owerri). I was in the class of 95.
    Go ahead girl!

    • Hello! Oh my days..my rebellious past catches up with me! Lol!I am very glad you enjoy the posts. Please keep visiting and spread the word! Have a blissful week! xx

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