I am a Global Vibrant fashion bird and my roots are embedded in Africa. It should only be natural for me to be seen constantly championing Nigerian brands. I mean, we are good too! We should certainly wear ours proudly. As I am pictured today, wearing this gorgeous ensemble by indigenous African brands. My skirt is by the very talented Ituen Basi and my tshirt is by Gozel Green.

I am a Global Vibrant fashion bird and I fleet around impacting on my world, spreading my wings and ascending. In my free flight, I am identified by the pattern of my descent and ascent; it has distinct echoes of my African roots. I am a product of African traditions and cultures. They may not be stamped on my forehead or be easily recognisable but it is there and differentiates me with a special unique stamp.

I  am African. It is who I am, it is what I know. Even as I am seated here sipping rather daintily on this vintage Bordeaux. It could very easily be me sipping on delicious warm and yeasty palm wine from my dearest De Uche’s Gourd.This triggers off memories of the Ekpe celebrations and the deep rhythmic exciting sounds of the drums and harps and flutes. Music to my ears and a longing in my soul..

I am encompassed of these little parts and they are dominant at different times.



Stay Grounded!!


Ezinne Chinkata



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