Shapes, sizes and prints are such an integral part of our fashion journey. Some prints or fabrics are absolute classics. They hardly go out of fashion and can be worn through the seasons. Polka Dots are one of those!!

I very excitedly came up with an option for styling the Polka dot shift dress by Nkwo, ever since I set my eyes on them in store. They are a bit of a more dressy take on some of the pieces she stocks. Going with red accessories was quite an obvious option, yet it felt really perfect for this dress.

My high-heeled peep toe shoes from my wardrobe were matched with a red hairband and big classic sunnies. The entire ensemble sort of gave me an old school vibe which I felt totally excited about!!

I also would love to explore wearing this shape of dress with super long flare trousers. I think it would make for a really cool, layered look.

See more photos below:




Have a blessed week all.


Ezinne Chinkata


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