Hello all. How is your day going?? Mine started off quite early. I had an 8am appointment at the Dentists’. I made a major commitment in my head the night before not to get there late. Come this morning and there I was, repeatedly shutting off the pesky alarm as it went off by 5:45 am. Right up till I had to literally hop off my bed by 6:30a.m. Drat!

What to wear! I had sort of decided on an outfit the night before and contemplated it critically just out of my 5 minute bath.I mentally styled it in a split second.I shall cut right to the chase.

What I Wore:

I wore a knot sleeved tunic dress by Nkwo.It stocks in store and is such a cute yet laid-back piece. I also wore my hair out in what was meant to be a “no fuss fro”. Hoop earrings, knotted slippers and my Zashadu bag and I was out of the house in no time.

The Lagos traffic was truly not particularly on my side! I got to the dentist’s by 8:05 am! Oh well.. I can live with that!

See photos of my quickly put together outfit. I must say I got some particularly great compliments. I am now off to tick of so much more on my to do list and wish you all my darling Zinkata fam a really amazing day!



Stay awesomely blessed!


Ezinne Chinkata



  1. I must say, what a very lucky dentist for our gorgeous Zinkata to plan in such thought out details what she would wear to, and even how to style her hair for a regular appointment the next morning. Such great attitude to little things is really what sets you ahead of the rest. Keep it up dear.
    Me would have just ran out of bed not caring what my hair looks like to meet up with my appointment-shebi is my teeth that he/she is going to examine after all?…LOL.
    Nice casual dress as usual. (is it not you)?

    • LOl! Ulumma! Putting it like that! It almost sounds bad!LMAO! Thank you Ulumma! i am so sure you would have taken a minute to comb your hair!Have a blessed day dear!

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