It is my day off today. Yay!! At least, it will give me the much needed chance to go fix my hair, get some spa duty and generally take care of business. It is quite hot and I am in a very casual mood.. Very good mood actually…

Soo.. I whipped out grey cut-offs I picked up from Zara. I have always had a thing for cut-offs. It may be a by- blow of the Britney Spears era or probably Victoria Beckham’s severe wag phase. I normally wear mine in a more laid back manner.. No sky scraper heels..

I love my white vintage shirt and tucked them into the shorts. I got it from a store near Spitafields market called “Bad Boy”?? Apparently Rihanna is a major customer, and also Rita Ora.. I promise this information means nothing to me (straight face).

Oh well.. My outfit is pretty straightforward..
Hopefully my salon pursuits will bear positive results. I need a hair miracle.

Have a great and super productive day!
I know I shall!!


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