It’s the first  week of December and I am so excited! 2018 HAS BEEN QUITE A TOUGH YEAR FOR ME.. HOWEVER, LOOKING THROUGH IT, I WOULD SAY WITH ALL MY HEART, THAT IT’S BEEN A GOOD YEAR, AND I AM FINISHING STRONG.How was your 2018?  Was it amazing ? Was it tough? Are you happy? Are you disappointed?Whatever your current situation may be, good or bad, please find a good reason to find your happy and hold firmly to it and take time out to savour all the beautiful things life can still be. Sit still and breathe.

In today’s outfit of the day, I had quite a good time in this skirt-set by Peridot. Her skirt-sets are quite a hit in store and I am super excited with this new version. It is a sheer blue organza top and a print skirt. I matched mine with black heels and threw over a colourful parka!

Totally feeling it! and I had really fab moments in it! Simple tips for keeping the blues away.

a.Think up a really out there outfit,

b.Get up, slap on some make-up,

c…and get-out.. Daily interactions with people would open you up to much more than your constant self-introspective thoughts will!

d.Breathe and Live..

Cheers to an amazing season!!



Ezinne Chinkata

Photography: Kola Oshalusi

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