Last night was all sorts of great fun! .. I shall start with a little bit of history…

Julie Odia..My darling Julie is getting married.. There’s much more: “Julie is the publisher of Wow Magazine. She also gave me one of my major breaks in the Nigerian Fashion industry.. Yes I say this pretty aptly and with a heart full of gratitude.. Julie met me, took an interest in me, respected my views, had faith in my abilities and gave me the coveted post of “Fashion Editor of Wow Magazine”.. a role that eventually took us all (THE WOW TEAM) on a great journey; Creating various Iconic Covers and  Editions”.

Last night was her bachelorette party! It was hosted by A-list Actress and Julie’s best friend; Uche Jombo. I wore a red and white outfit by Iconic Invanity’s diffusion Label; DNA. Rose as “she” is called,  boasts of a Red and White pencil skirt  and  matching cropped top; both embellished with identical exquisite hand beaded details.

See photos below…


IMG_5854 IMG_5858 IMG_5859 IMG_5870

and onto the truly remarkable night! More photos below:

Julie Odia
L-R: Ezinne Chinkata, Julie Odia and Uche Jombo
Julie Odia and Banke Meshida


IMG_5878 Ezinne Chinkata and Munachii Abi
Ivory Ahuama
Ezinne Chinkata, Julie Odia and Ini Edo
Ezinne Chinkata, Julie Odia , Uche Jombo and Ini Edo

All the best Julie!! As your journey seamlessly into marital life!!


Ezinne Chinkata

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