In recent times, we have witnessed a rather interesting change in the direction of fashion in Africa. Slowly and steadily, fashion has become much more about embracing our culture and proudly projecting it to the world. With words like “Africa Rising” being loosely thrown around the globe; a resultant effect is the increased tilt towards “Made in Africa” products. This is witnessed across a wide range of industries such as Music, Entertainment, Fashion, Food and so much more.

In Nigeria, The fashion industry has witnessed a boom with a rise in independent fashion designers. There is a steady revisiting of  old styles and fabrics with a bit of a modern spin to it. This is the case for both male and female fashion. A true example of this is the insurgence of Adire fabric in the market. Traditionally originating from Abeokuta (Western Nigeria), Adire which is also called Tie & Dye originated from Ancient looms and dyes particular to certain families in the Yoruba Kingdom. It is a distinct traditional fabric associated with the yorubas and passed on from generation to generation.Recently, Adire has become quite the rave of the moment. In this new fashion era, it is revisited in more contemporary silhouettes and is quite a cool fabric to own right now!

At Zinkata we have a wide range of designers revisiting this gorgeous fabric! I am super excited by the possibilities and endless ways our fabrics are being embraced and made relevant today!

Pictured below, I am dressed in a gorgeous dress made with Adire by Nkwo. See photos below!




Adire made fashion pieces stays timeless forever! Invest in one today! Stop by Zinkata today. Tel: +234 9090404886


Ezinne Chinkata

Photography: @njcworks

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