I had a bit of an adventure picturing this skirt set by Meena, stocking at Zinkata. I got all dressed up and was at a loss with regards where and how to take the photos. I have come to realise that sometimes, a solution to any fix you may be in is right in front of you. I stepped into my car and drove around. Grasping at straws, I clapped my eyes on a Motor bike and settled on this as the required prop. The bike’s colours fused perfectly with my Knit Skirt set and off I went with a charming smile and a little sashay to try to convince the bike owners and the house representatives for permission to use their house and the bike as props.

I could have given up!.. but we never quit, right?


See photos below: The Knit set is available in store in different sizes!


Have an awesome day all! Remember to push just a little bit more!



Ezinne Chinkata

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