The upside of spending a whole week watching literally more than 50 shows back to back is…

Some of the really funky trends would seep into your subconscious“..

2 days ago, Thursday to be precise.. I was headed to the Jumia Fashion’s “We Love Style” Fashion Mixer. It was a networking event for mostly creatives in the Fashion industry..

I pulled out an outfit from my wardrobe.. A Floral 3-piece made up of ; Peplum top, City shorts and an over coat/long blazer. It stocked earlier at Zinkata and is one of my favourites..  Here’s how I wore it:


Wearing the long-coat/blazer over the top and shorts felt a bit much.. whilst wearing the top and shorts by itself felt wrong as well.. I toughened the look up by knotting the blazer over my waist.. and it suddenly  felt more laid back yet well put together..Chic?



Then I wonder..Was I drawing inspiration from these shows pictured below subconsciously??

Model in Bridget Awosika
knotted on waist
Model in Laurence Airline
knotted over waist
Model in Maxivive


What are your thoughts??


Ezinne Chinkata


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