Yesterday, I woke up with a clear idea of the 2 different locations I would be spending the bulk of my day at.. The earlier part was to be spent in the city and the rest was fabric hunting at Balogun market for a client’s dress.

My outfit of choice was a really tiny shift dress by Dahlia  from my wardrobe. It has a really cute 60’s cut but can sometimes err on the wrong side of too short.. Still not a deterrent… Like we’ve always preached on here, “find a way to make it work or you“..

I teamed it with a white lace skirt from my wardrobe and had a roaring good time with the seemingly unlikely yet pleasing silhouettes.. White pumps sort of tied it all together and gave the outfit a really pulled together grown up the pearls and silver neckpiece..



Market bound, off the neckpiece and heels went.. Sporty sandals and a duffel bag with a hunters spirit! and my fabric shopping spree was on!!!



Tackle every job with gusto!!!



Ezinne Chinkata



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