It is the last day of January and 2017 is well under way. To be quite fair, I must say I have had quite a good January.I am still struggling in some aspects but have managed to maintain some sort of control and order over my entire big picture.

How is 2017 looking so far for you??

Good: It can (would) get even  better”. KEEP BELIEVING AND PUSHING CONSISTENTLY

Bad:  You have the power to re-write your script. ANALYSE & RE-GROUP & RE-STRATEGISE

I wish us all the best in all our endeavours. May we not falter under life’s pressures and may gratitude and joy never depart from us!

I shall sign off with these photos of me in a grey t-shirt by Karl Lagerfeld and a Leather skirt with circular details by Jewel by Lisa.


IMG_9865 IMG_9867


See you  all in February!



Ezinne Chinkata

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