I needed to renew my Nigerian passport. I had heard  horror stories of the passport office. Nothing sinister, mind you, but more about the crowd and long cues. I was really hoping for expedited service as I need my passport quite urgently. I pro-actively created a plan of action.

“Strut into the passport office looking like a million dollars.Hopefully, the way I am dressed shall foster some extra kindness and attention  from the attendants”.

I got dressed and got to the passport office. I wore a nice fitted sleeveless blue dress by Gozel Green and a sky-blue Turban by Abaya Lagos. Heels and my sunglasses still on, I manoeuvred purposefully into the passport office and got the required attention and helpful direction. The crowd was massive!, but I got this guys, right?! I made my way in record time and got through expedited routes!I promise you I didn’t have to bribe anyone! Don’t judge me harshly just yet, there’s more to come.

All went pretty smoothly and it was time to get my bio-metrics done. I slipped into the room for data capturing, still in my super composed, super sleek dressed to the nines, sunglasses still on, red lips pursed, shoulders raised high, butter can’t melt in mouth, steps steady, measured and head cocked at an imperial angle. It was quite a busy room and as I walked in, I felt all eyes on my striking appearance. I sat down calmly and waited my turn whilst looking on at the process. “You sit in front of the attendant and he points the camera at you, it captures your headshot, you move on swiftly to finger printing, confirm the details of your name is spelt right and off you go on your merry way”.

In no time at all, it was my turn. I sat down infront of him whilst the entire room looked on in intrigue. He looked at me, smiled and spoke up saying, “Please remove your turban, you can’t take the photo with it on your head”. I looked on in mock horror and died a million deaths in one sitting! My hair! MY HAIR UNDERNEATH THE TURBAN WAS A TANGLED MESS! It was in the worst state you could ever imagine. I had matted my natural hair into 5 scary plaits and it was not brushed, there was no order to it and it was in the nappiest state of all times ..”natural hair woes”..

I panicked and said to him, can’t I wear the turban? I knew it was a dumb question but I had to try.He looked on and said, “NO”. Drat, my heart sank, I looked up and scanned the room. The really cute guy I had clocked into earlier was staring, as well as the ladies and everyone. My inner spine stiffened! It had to! I sat up, and yanked off my turban with a really straight face. I opened up my bag brought out my hair brush and very methodically brushed my edges. I may as well take a shot at decent photos. I looked on steadily and gave the photo my absolute best shot. The attendant smiled on and said, “Great Shot”. and I slapped my turban back on with the most dignity I could muster.I was just a little humbled and off I went with my tail almost tucked between my legs! Almost, mind you!!

….some times.. humble pie is great for the soul!



Ezinne Chinkata




  1. When you said passport office and said turban, I knew what was coming, I was laughing before you got there. It happened to me!!! Lord!!! My hair was a mess, I just boned and took the picture. It was actually a great shot. One of my nicest passports yet. I’m sure you looked great nonetheless… Well-done Ezinne

  2. Mz Socially Awkward..... Reply

    ???? I came here for this. And don’t worry about the cute guy – at least you have edges. Yelz, ke??

  3. Awww. You did good, we all eat the humble pie once in a while ?.

  4. This got me rolling???? I can’t imagine being in this situation with what goes on under my wigs not to talk of a well fitted turban. You must have mustered the last bit of confidence in you to go through the process. An experience worth learning from.

    • As in! It was like a horror movie! You cannot imagine the state my hair was in! ???! Thank you dear!⭐️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Oh my, I had to rush here and read the rest of it. Thank goodness you had a brush on you. Hilarious story!

  6. Gabriela Edeh Reply

    I think you meant to say,…. I had my tail tucked between my legs. Lool .anyways I’m also guilty of wearing turban over untidy hair.

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