I am quite into layering my pieces.Who else is with me on this? The other day, I pulled on a navy blue velvet fitted dress from my wardrobe. It is quite a classic shape, and fits quite sleekly. For some un-explainable reason, I couldn’t find it in me to leave my house wearing just that. I wouldn’t say it felt vulgar, it just wasn’t a look I was comfortable pushing. Perhaps, it was me trying to make velvet a bit more day-time friendly, or the inner modest girl in me, analyse it as much as I may, I ended up throwing in a few more accessories over the dress:

  1. Peplum Belt: I wore an Ankara peplum belt over the dress. The new texture the Ankara belt introduced sort of diluted the overall density of the fabric and gave the outfit a fresher look.
  2. Black Scarf: I threw a black scarf over my shoulders and it added a really cool mysterious and luxe feel to me overall look
  3. Red Scarf: It was a definite scarf day for me, the red scarf worked perfectly with my black scarf and played interestingly with the prints on the peplum belt.


Or at least this is how my mind worked. I tell you one thing though, I felt really awesome. Much more awesome than I would have if I had just worn a boring old clingy velvet dress.I layered myself to comfort!

More photos below:



Have a blessed week ahead!


Ezinne Chinkata

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