It is a Monday and the start of a fresh new week! How exciting is that?? We have a chance to start afresh with everything we have planned and re-condition our minds and attitudes slowly into our most amazing year yet.Most times we fail to realise just how awesome we are and how blessed and uniquely amazing our gifts are. Everyone is truly and remarkably special in his/her own way.

Let us play a mind re-conditioning game.. “The 5 things we love about ourselves game”.. Mention 5 things/attributes you love about yourself and as you list them one-by one, think deeply about why you love this attribute, how it can help you, meditate/pray about it and be filled with immense gratitude.. Deep from your hearts..

Think up 5 things you love about yourself, be thankful for them, let feelings of joy and gratitude fill your heart and start believing in yourself and your path towards success..We shall start first. ..

5 things we love about Zinkata

1.We love that we are alive!!(Super thankful for life)..the act of living is awesome!

2. We love that we have dreams and are slowly working towards them.Excited!

3.We love our creativity and our unique way of applying fashion and style into lifestyle.We are so cool!

4. We love that we are kind and care deeply about everyone.

5. We love our ethics and  transparency. Spirituality is our basic driving principle..

… and let us throw in one more…

6. Each and every single one of us at Zinkata loves ourselves: We love our looks, our bodies, how uniquely different we are and how truly gorgeous we are!!

Listen guys!! You are Amazing!! Awesome! Beautiful! Unique! Gifted!! You have all you need and must believe in it deeply..You may be going through really tragic times/difficult times. Do not be down-cast..There is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel.. Hold fast in faith, self-love, thankfulness, dignity and grace!! You shall come out trumps!!

Here’s wishing us all a truly amazing week.. Love yourself deeply and go out and spread your special brand of love and positivity to the world!




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