Wearing form fitting garments can be so empowering. If well done, it casts a super arresting silhouette.Loose fitting clothes on the other hand, are another matter. They are slouchy, cool, effortless and highlights the wearers essence. Slouchy is the new cool and it takes a certain  level of elegance and confidence to carry it off. Suddenly, baggy is the new sexy and we truly can’t get enough ??

Nkwo has mastered the slouchy chic look to perfection and each garment from her essentials collection in store,  has us purring in slouchy contentment..???⭐️. In today’s post, I am photographed in a dress I have aptly named the “shape-shifter”. It is such an elegant dress, so easy to throw on and it moves in such a cool way.. I believe it is indeed a must buy for every smart shopper??

Worn with heels, trainers, high or flat sandals, this dress promises to stay relevant long after the trends⭐️⭐️⭐️


See photos below:



Ezinne Chinkata

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