How about this unusual but highly likely scenario…You go on a trip with your significant other.. and the worst scenario ever happens..

a. Your box does not come in.. it’s delayed and would be coming in the next day

b. His box comes in.

c….and you have a really nice event to go for in an hour without a clothing shop in the area..

Hold on!!…

1. Do not flip/panick…

2. You can actually make a cool outfit out of anything.. Improvise..


Here’s an option that may just work..”Wear his clothing” .Androgyny is never a disastrous option.

a. Oversized white shirts are always nice and dressy

b. Baggy/ Boyfriend Jeans are pretty awesome too

c.The trick is to feel really awesome regardless.. Confidence makes anything look good..

d. Okay..let’s be realistic.. If all fails and you have tried all the options to no avail.. smile.. fix a glass of wine or orange juice and accept your fate..

In the photos below.. I am actually wearing my dad’s lounge pants and a matching top. He has never worn them .. “they are not my thing”, he says..  I actually wore it to hang out with friends was quite well accepted..

So feedback time please.. Am I way off line here??  “Can his wear be your wear”?..

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.



IMG_4489 IMG_4491 IMG_4498




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