Hello Everyone,

How is your day going? Mine is going really well. To be quite fair, my week is going really spectacularly. It’s dawned on me, albeit a bit late! ..that the year is fast sky rocketing to an end.. Time to sit-up and tidy up or finish up abandoned projects. I shall hate to look back at the end of 2017 with a dissatisfied feeling in the pit of my stomach, a resultant effect of not quite meeting up with some of the critical targets I set myself! Phew..

So yep.. my day started pretty early today. I woke up and hit the store! and have kind of being working at fever pitch phase all morning. It’s been more productive than the other days.Why so, I ask myself?? Well, Firstly I think it may be a result of the review I did at the beginning of the week. I am quite clear on things I want to achieve and really eager to make some headway. Also, I am sort of keeping my cellphone slightly at bay. Instagram and other social media channels can be quite a time consuming monster!.. another thing.. This is a bit spiritual.. “I have been tuning into @nathanielblow’s instagram live videos at midnight”. It is called the hallelujahchallenge and is a 1 hour power filled worship session every midnight! I can say for sure that I feel renewed and transformed!

Now, that we have that well out of the way! May I speak about the gorgeous frock I have on? It is by the one and only Ladymaker! I think she’s the one designer that has the remarkable ability to make me look like a really tame lady, and I love it! Ladylike can be awesome and so she proves with each new collection she puts out. There is a certain dignified and classy feel her pieces convey to the wearer. A truly comforting feeling! You automatically feel really worthy!

I am pictured wearing a two tiered layered dress from her latest gorgeous collection in store! She truly outdoes herself each collection at a time. I accessorised with this gorgeous bag also available in store from Qamin and metallic shoes from my wardrobe!

See more photos below:

Have an awesome rest of the week all!

We are all conquerors!


Ezinne Chinkata

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