The Lagos Fashion Week is Well and truly over. It was a hectic 3 days of back to back fashion and all it’s surrounding hysteria! I must confess, this period is also one of the best times of my work year. LFW is always quite a pivotal moment for the Fashion Industry. Trends are borne off the shows on the runway and style stars are papped off the back-drops!

It tells you what designer would become the New flavour of the year as well as who’s new collection doesn’t quite smell like roses. All this is shrouded in sugary air kisses and flashing bulbs! I set off for the shows each day with the sole mission of  viewing as many shows as I most possibly can. This really helps me with “Zinkata”. At the shows, I view the shows with the keen eyes of a “Fashion Buyer”, mentally scouting for what new brand would be a great fit in the store as well as exploring the existing designers. It is quite brain numbing to be honest, but all quite exciting at the same time!

At the end of the hectic back to back of shows, networking, giggling with my fashion bunnies and overall fashion overload, I am left exhausted and literally need days to recover from it all. Slowly but surely, It all fades until I am left with lingering memories of the shows and a yearning nostalgia.  Can we do it again soon? Err.. not so soon I suppose but while on this topic, I may as well share with you all my most memorable moments from the Week.


It all started off with a Fashion Business Series dinner a night before the shows. It was a great night with fashion discussions about the industry and really yummy food. I met with really awesome people and the highlight of my night was a discussion with the really talented designer; Maxivive on his collection for the next day and what I would be expecting. It was quite a great opportunity to get into the mind of a creative and listen to their thoughts, processes and the underlying theme and inspiration of their collection.Riveting stuff.It also all came back to me in viivd form whilst I sat through his show the next day.

Maxivive and I

Another memorable moment from that night was sitting beside the really gorgeous and super nice Afua Rida (Stylist and Style/LifestyleBlogger) at dinner. She had just come in from Ghana and looked really beautiful in a lamé gold top by Lanre Da Silva. Sadly, we didnt get a chance to get a photo together, but here’s a photo of how beautiful she looked on the night!

Afua Rida


Kelechi Amadi Obi is a seasoned photographer and also one of my all time favourite people. The best part of LFW is his PHOTO BOOTH!I head straight to the booths as soon as I hit the show venue, for a photo-op of course and just generally light hearted great cheer! For every day of the shows this year, my first stop was at Kelechi’s booth where I sat for photos right before I hit the shows! Here are some of my favourite Pap moments at Kelechi’s booth from Day 1,2 & 3. Most times hanging with my partner in Fashion, Fify!

Fifemayo Aiyesimoju and I
For Day 1 of the Shows, I wore a Brocade&Damask dress by The LadyMaker from Zinkata
Day 2: Cape Abaya Lagos, Silk Top: Odio mimonet & Skirt by Lisa Folawiyo
Fifemayo Aiyesimoju, Dimeji Alara and I
Day 3 of the shows in a Boiler suit by Nkwo from Zinkata
Photo by: Kelechi Amadi-Obi (

Day 1

Day 1 was filled with truly spectacular fashion.. 4 of these shows left me quite in awe!

a.Lagos Space Program

I had never heard of the brand, and found their intriguing take on androgyny really authentic. Their collection flowed in cohesive gender fluid silhouettes, well thought out and precisely delivered.

Model walking the SS’19 Lagos Space Programme Show

For the rest of this show. View HERE

b. Nack

One word for Nack’s collection from the shows. AMAZING! It was a skilful fusion of Sporty/Contemporary silhouettes infusing the Lagos street style with a dash of culture and tradition.


Model in Nack

To view the rest of Nack’s collection, click on the highlighted link HERE


c. Kiki Kamanu

Kiki’s show was one of my faves from Day 1 . It was detailed, edgy, fresh and ended with Kiki’s signature sashay.

Kiki Kamanu at the end of the Kiki Kamanu SS’19 Show

CLICK Here to view the shows

D. Kikoromeo

Another standout show for me was the Kikoromeo show. The male and female models strutted down the runway with Amazing Tie and Dye Easy silhouettes and a bit of a sporty utilitarian feel. I believe I sighted an Adire Kilt! Genius!

Kiki Romeo SS ’19
Kiki Romeo SS ’19

For the rest of KIKOROMEO’S “MUST-SEE” collection, click on the highlighted link HERE


Day 2

Tiffany Amber

Day 2 of the shows started off for me at the remarkable retail space Alara, where the Tiffany Amber show took place. It was such a great show, great ambience, beautiful collection, spectacular models and really well dressed guests!

Model in Tiffany Amber SS’19

This lady pictured below looked truly amazing at the Tiffany Amber shows at Alara.. I had to tell her!Sadly, I didn’t get her name.

See photo below

My style Crush at the Tiffany Amber Show
I attended the shows in an Aso/oke Cape by Abaya Lagos

There was an electric buzz in the air and I was truly tempted to hang around longer than needed at the after show cocktails but alas, the shows beckoned!! To view more of Tiffany Amber’s show, visit the brands instagram page for all the looks!

The traffic heading back to the shows was beyond!! Sadly, I missed quite a bit of the shows on Day 2 but still got impacted by the little I saw.


a. Style Temple

Punchy, Fun and Very commercial! Hers was a truly beautiful collection.

Style Temple SS19′
Style Temple SS’19 at the LFW



His was quite an authentic and super cool collection. I particularly loved the pop of colours, the styling as well as the 80’s vibe!

Rich Minsi SS’19

Day 3

For the most part of Day 3, I was backstage prepping to walk for 3 shows: Meena, Nkwo and Gozel Green. These 3 brands stock at Zinkata and I am a great admirer of their talent and authentic take on fashion.

a. Gozel Green

Gozel green served us sharp clean lines, feminine structured silhouettes and their signature bright hues. I fell instantly in love with this collection titled “Tribute To Melody”. Theirs was a standout show by miles and one of my faves. I walked the runway in a BaggyJumpsuit with a Sagging Skirt. I would totally love to rock this look again with heels.

Yours truly strutting down the runway in Gozel Green SS’19
SS’19 Gozel Green

Click HERE to view the rest of the collection.



Meena SS’19 at the LFW shows
Meena SS’19 at the LFW shows

Meena’s collection is always a fusion of traditional influences, art and architectural silhouettes. This collection was all of this and more. Inspired by tribal marks, Meena’s collection had me yearning to buy every single piece. Gorgeous prints, flattering silhouttes and a distinct theme running through!

I was Meena-Happy in this look
I was Meena-Happy in this look

Click HERE for more of Meena



The best part of Nkwo’s collection for me is the ethical twist underlying all her techniques and practices. She is very passionate about sustainability and brings this to fore in creating her truly spectacular work. This collection is titled “Who Knew” and is inspired by the plight of thousands of Nigerians lured into enslavement by the promise of a better life. Absolutely remarkable collection!

Nkwo SS’19
Nkwo SS’19
Ezinne Chinkata for Nkwo SS’19
The Finale look for Nkwo SS’19 at the LFW shows

A must see show: View HERE


Maki Oh

Hers was a slow burn that stayed with me long after the shows were over. Maki’s collection was a mix mash of fluid silhouttes, edgy cut-outs, hip/retro vibes and a bit of the vintage all coming together quite charmingly! I truly enjoyed watching this show.

Maki Oh SS’19
Maki Oh SS’19
Model in Nkwo SS’19

Click to view the rest of Maki OH


Orange Culture

Orange Culture closed the LFW shows with Stylish aplomb in a gorgeous cacophony of vibrant colours. I was blown away.It was such a well edited collection and featured the brands signature flair for “The Dandy” look . The models trudged purposefully down the runway, an impressive orange army, marching in individual creative harmony!

Orange Culture SS’19


The shows ended with a great after party! It was such fun and Denrele Edun was such a trip as the MC.

I got home not long afterwards and I am still reeling from the back to back days of amazing fashion!

A huge congratulations and well done to Omoyemi Akerele and the entire team.


Ezinne Chinkata


Photo Credits

Kola Oshalusi : @kolaoshalusi


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Instagram: @tiffanyamberng

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