What is your personal style? Is it?

  1. Classic
  2.  Modern
  3. Sexy/Alluring/Bombshell
  4. Romantic/ Feminine
  5. Traditional
  6. Artistic/Creative/Eclectic
  7. Dramatic/Edgy


In my case, it is a bit of a struggle for me to box my style personality into one category.  Some people are smack in the middle of one category, while others may be a mixture of different style personalities.I would like to say my style is more experimental/Imaginative as well as comfortable. I dress according to my mood and I enjoy exploring the different style ideas I make up as I move along. Dressing up should be fun! You are free to express yourselves all along the lines of what makes you comfortable and what you are happy wearing.I also believe our style personalities are largely influenced by the sum of our experiences, realities and situations.

In today’s post, I am dressed in a shift dress with cut-outs and slashed dramatic sleeves by  FIA. It is from their latest collection  titled “FIA MAIL“. It stocks at Zinkata and I find it quite an intriguing piece. I styled it with white sneakers , my favourite bag of the moment by a brand called Cult Gaia and I finished off the entire look with a hat I purchased a while ago from 41 Luxe. It added a bit of an African feel to the entire outfit and made it quite cool and authentic (I hope).

What category do you think my outfit falls into?  What about you? What is your style personality?

See photos below:


Have an awesome weekend all and remember to dare to wear what makes your insides come alive!!



Ezinne Chinkata


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