It’s 2018 and officially the second week of the year. Sigh..I am super pleased to be in 2018, ready to set life on fire and see my goals and life’s purpose through.. but…can the holiday season be extended just a little further?  It all went by way too soon and here I am smack at the beginning of the work year once again!

…still grateful!!

I truly hope you all noticed I was away for almost a week? I was left with no choice.The last week of 2017 was beyond hectic and I felt like I was running on empty! Like completely empty. Starting from our Christmas fair, which was really remarkable by the way, to the busy season in store, to balancing the year’s accounts. Let’s just say the end of the year left me limping and knackered, flat on my bed.

Here I am… Back and ready to shake things up. So many new projects and plans in stock for you all! I shall serve you all amazingly this year with all my love! So help us God.

I shall be signing off with photos of me in this really pretty dress by Gozel Green. It is such a gorgeous blue and great fit, available in store amongst other gorgeous pieces from the brand! A definite must buy!



I wish us all a really tremendous 2018! May we finish victorious!

Cheers to a fabulous week!



Ezinne Chinkata

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