My Nigeria is an apt representation of this shoot. A nation filled with amazing talent, remarkable intellect and well informed citizens.
All cocooned in smouldering disarray.

I am dressed in this spectacular red dress by Ilare and available at Zinkata. The caged sleeves were meticulously made from scratch with strips of fabric. It’s quite a couture piece to be honest and takes a long time to make. This dress is shot in a construction site. A bit of an ironic representation. Perhaps we can term it an intriguing juxtaposition.

This right here is exactly what Nigeria is about. A nation where a large proportion of it’s citizens are in fancy homes, eating and drinking the best, purveying copious amounts of luxury whilst their surrounding is a smouldering cacophony of festering worms.

We must create a fully functional nation. Imagine if everyone made a 1.5% effort to improve Nigeria by Saying no to bribery, being our brothers keepers, pushing for excellence always, speaking up against injustice, playing an active part in the nations affairs, being directly responsible for our environs and the people around us.

I say we start now. Little steps make gigantic strides. Collective efforts creates a huge output.


Who’s in?


Ezinne Chinkata




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