The other day I took a drive to Ilupeju; a city district located in Lagos, Nigeria. I spent most of my teenage years in Ilupeju with my family.. Truly nostalgic and joyous memories. I stopped by my fave roadside ‘KIOSK” at the time.. where in the past, I often visited and indulged in sweeties and all manners of sugary pursuits! Sigh! Most of them (sweets) are not there anymore.. Still it was a great and exciting feeling.. reliving the past and going down memory lane.. “being totally thankful for life and memories”..


IMG_8928 IMG_8931 IMG_8935IMG_8940



  • I remember the loud chimes of the newspaper man’s bell as he went through the streets..
  • the raucous joy of kids laughter as they played on the streets
  • the intriguing smells from the barbecue man’s grill (suya) in  the evenings..
  • the exciting sight of the Ice-cream man as he went around the neighbourhood in his bicycle
  • the pit-pattering of the rain drops on a balmy afternoon, as I ran home…un-afraid of  getting “kidnapped”


What do you remember? Please share your joyous memories..

Have a great Thursday all.. Filled with glorious throwbacks!


Ezinne Chinkata


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