Looking back through the year 2017, I am filled with a truck load of gratitude. To be really honest, it hasn’t quite been a really easy ride! Still, it has been well worth it! The Lord is amazing!!

Is there anyone out there going through a really rough time?? Guess what?? It would pass and all will be much better than it ever was. Rough times come for us all. The difference between winners and those that throw in the towel is this; Winners don’t let the bad times stop them from pushing through. They keep at it despite it all and eventually it all comes together or feels much better! No situation lasts forever. While you are in the bad space, you may feel like it is the end of it all and it wouldn’t change. Banish those thoughts my dear! Trust me when I say things can turn around for you in a split second.Please hold up and cheer up!! A pleasant surprise awaits you. Chin up! You are amazing!

Every success story comes with a lot of set-backs! It is quite normal with everything in life! Ups and downs. Great weather, bad weather. Joyous times, tough times! Take it all in stride and keep pushing for what you deserve.

I shall sign off with these photos of me in a kaftan dress by Nkwo from the store. Nkwo is such a talented designer.


Have a blessed day all.

You are well and truly loved by the Lord!! I love you all as well!!


Ezinne Chinkata


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