Fashion is a source of joy and a great avenue for self expression. Some days I think really hard about my fashion choices and what my style projects to the outside world. I hope it portrays a strong, proudly black African woman: proud of her heritage, comfortable in her own skin, not afraid to be herself and quite passionate about projecting dignity even in the most extreme fashion looks. I try hard not to obsess about what people think , “that in itself would diminish the joy of playing dress up”.

In today’s post, I very excitedly came up with a fun off-beat pairing for this gorgeous print dress by Chicnicity, they available in the store and come in different gorgeous prints/sizes. I absolutely love the bell sleeves and the fluidity of the fabric.

You too can inject some fun styling into getting dressed. Here’s how I thought up this look:

The Nola dress is such a feminine piece and the print and fabric falls really seductively on the female form. My aim was to style the dress with a bit of a contrast to it’s elegance. I quite enjoy pushing boundaries and de-constructing an obvious silhouette. In this case, I deconstructed the elegance of the Nola dress by pairing it with a face cap. It immediately became a little bit less elegant and a bit more sporty fun. Dangling earrings and Luxe black pumps finished off the look in great form.

What would be your own fun pairing/juxtaposition? Please share.


See more photos below:



Have an awesome Day.


Ezinne Chinkata

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