ON THE FIRST DAY OF DECEMBER: I woke up and my heart was filled with joy. I was shocked at the intensity of my feelings.”

How far we have all come, to be present and alive to witness the last month of 2016 and be well on our way to starting a new year!How awesome is that? Super awesome if you ask me. For today and the rest of 2016, it would be quite a great idea for us all to start our day on a positive note and a heart filled with joy, love and gratitude. It is a wonderful state to end the year in and a great way to usher in 2017.

The season of joy is here my wonderful Zinkata readers.Let us all find our happy zones and hold on dearly! We shall all end 2016 in praise. The best is yet to come!

Congratulations all!!


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Stay Victorious!


Ezinne Chinkata

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