The Lagos Fashion and Design Week is well and truly over! Yet my entire soul is filled with tingling aftershocks from the delightful four days of amazing fashion activities.This year was a first for me at the shows in many ways; such as walking the runway for Nkwo.

I walked the runway for Nkwo’s show titled “Speak Love” in one of her designs. It was such a surreal experience and quite fun to be honest! It was something we had agreed on in advance but I had steadily avoided giving much thought. I found the thought of it slightly daunting and didn’t want to run the risk of balking at the last minute.

Walking the Nkwo show re-iterates my thoughts and lessons for moving along and doing what you want even if it may seem a bit scary. Once I started off my walk down the runway, it didn’t feel as scary anymore and it was actually a really smooth sail.I gave it my best shot and had quite a great time while at it!

We really and truly should be afraid of nothing!

More photos from Nkwo’s show:

What are you afraid of??


Ezinne Chinkata


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