Silver Foil: Empowering ourselves through Fashion

This week has been quite a trying one for me. I am under a lot of pressure from work, and I find myself in a position where I absolutely must be in a positive mind space to perform all my tasks  for the day and the rest of the week. Surprisingly or shall I say thankfully, I have managed to pass through all the chores seamlessly. One of the tricks I have sort of employed this week, albeit a really obvious one is; going ahead and empowering myself through my fashion choices. Even though my mind has been a bit rushed and I feel slightly overwhelmed, I have sort of taken time to make sure my appearance does not reflect this. I dressed for success. I mean, I literally took my time to make sure I looked amazing every single day of this week.

Did it work?? I believe so. My outfit sort of lent me an extra boost. I felt more in control of things and it translated into my job. I have looked the part, walked the part, acted the part and accomplished actions that reflected the part! Failure is not an option. Oh not it is not! Fashion does have the amazing ability to empower us, embolden our spirits and spiral us into great moves!

Today, I have dressed the part to success. Dressing the part mind you doesn’t mean, I am all dressed to the nines etc. It just means I take the time to attend to my appearance and come up with outfits that are pleasing to my soul and fun to put together. For Thursday, I am wearing  a top by Kinabuti, silver pants, a silver neckpiece and grey trainers with my blue bag! Fun outfit, mood uplifting and soul empowering!

Let’s make Thursday happen amazingly shall we?

See photos below:


Have a Tremendously Terrific Thursday!


Ezinne Chinkata


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