It is the 2015  Nigerian presidential elections on Saturday… Everyone, will be out in droves to carry out their civic duty and ensure the right government comes into power..Please read my post on why casting a vote is the preferred option:

Now unto equally serious matters.. What are you going to wear to cast your vote??It is the perfect day to put your fashion feet forward puurfectly..

For the 2015 Elections, Zinkata believes you should totally:

Keep it simple: Chic and crisp with clean lines.. This is a winner! It is not a party guys!! Even if we take a bit more time with our appearance, we should project a really “natural” silhouette..  Think: ” I woke up like this”

Wear Comfortable shoes pretty please:This is the one time where stilettos are a clear no/no.. You need to stride out comfortably.. Another thought for consideration.. If things get a bit hairy.. We should totally be able to leg it very easily to the nearest shelter (we are not hoping for this)

Wear Light make-up:It is the perfect day for a nice friendly face.. Make-up should be applied with a more natural hand. Loud Eye-shadow and very Bright lippies may come across as garish,”unsophisticated” and out of place.

Wear Minimal Jewellery: Certainly not the right day to pile on the bling. Ideally, our jewellery should be more functional and practical.. Ideally!!

Shade it up:  We live in hot, Sunny, Climes.. Shades/sunglasses would come in handy and ensure you stay cool and un-frazzled.. As opposed to getting a really awful squint from the Sun.

Smile: Have a smile for everyone.. It’s your best  accessory.. and would keep you in the right frame of mind whilst voting.. Change comes with a positive spirit.. Together as a nation, we should love and respect each other.. Smile at one another and project Godly and kind feelings..

Here’s the fun part!! I walked into Zinkata and picked out 6 perfect outfits .. This should send you forth to the Voting Polls in effortless type…

First Outfit: A well cut pair of jeans and simple buba lace top. The purple lace top is by Orente Ayaba and stocks in the store. It is comfortable and super chic.. The prefect look for the polls..

IMG_3071 IMG_3077 IMG_3074


Second Outfit: This is for the sexy gyals them!! Yes, we all should be comfortable..but we can still look slightly sexy and effortless.. The trick is to balance it all out.. All black is a chic effortless silhouette.. Pull out a cute little black dress and team it with black comfortable shoes.. The result?? A polished slightly sexy pulled-together silhouette.. I am wearing a black dress with Sheer sleeves from Zinkata..

IMG_3025IMG_3026 IMG_3027 IMG_3028 IMG_3029


Third outfit:Going the traditional route with a chic Ankara dress, a nice simple Kaftan or even a niftily tied wrapper over a t-shirt is certainly a great way to stride out to the voting polls.. We are voting for Nigeria, Africa.. For progression.. For change… and what represents this better than projecting continent Africa  subtly in our clothing??

I am wearing this multifunctional Ankara dress from Zinkata. Love it..It is simple,pretty and practical.




Fourth Outfit:I love these black and white pants  stocking at Zinkata  They are a really comfortable fit and quite striking as well. Teamed with a simple black top.. They are puurfect.. I would not necessarily suggest the green neckpiece..Not the most practical accessory for voting..Still the Green  colour is one of the national flag’s colours.. Green for solidarity!!!


Fifth Outfit: Embrace your inner lady in a nice fitted skirt and a basic tee.. Lady like, efficient, Nice and comfortable.. I am wearing this much loved skirt from Gozel Green stocking at Zinkata. Love it.. It also looks super smart with comfortable brogues..

IMG_3084 IMG_3089 IMG_3095 IMG_3083 IMG_3090

Sixth Outfit: These are for the divas in the house!! Whip out a stand out/comfortable  maxi and head to the polls in sleek non-chalant style.. Why not??  Maxis are great..They are lush and they are sophisticated.. Carefully teamed with minimal jewellrey .. they totally work..

I love this colourful maxi by Meena, stocking at Zinkata.. It is simply all things bright , beautiful and eye-catching!



As we head out to the voting polls on Saturday.. May we go through all our voting activities safely, peacefully and with mutual love and respect for one another. Peace and Safety would be our watchword..PRAY FOR NIGERIA



Ezinne Chinkata

Outfits: All the outfits above stock at Zinkata.

Phone: +234 9090404886



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