…I have never met a Gozel Green skirt I didn’t fall instantly in love with….


Every lady should own at least one Gozel Green Skirt in her lifetime. Please take this statement with you to the Bank!!

The Gozel Green Brand has made a well respected name for themselves in the ever competitive fashion market. Their aesthetic is wholly theirs and they easily stand out amidst the stiff competition. The one advantage of Gozel Green’s pieces  is it’s remarkable ability to stay relevant pretty much forever. This I believe is because each Gozel Green piece is a work of art and great art stays timeless.

I am pictured in today’s post in what is called the Gash Jacket and Mid-Length Skirt from the brand. The colours automatically put me in a really cheery mood and I feel like I could easily step into all sorts of exciting scenarios in this outfit..

See photos below:



Ezinne Chinkata

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