One look, Two ways or perhaps three??


Whilst shopping for an outfit, I always look out for what I feel really excited about. Lukewarm feelings over a purchase  makes for not so exciting fashion moments. You should feel super excited about your purchase and think up countless ways of wearing it. Okay, maybe not “super excited” but at the very least feel comfortable and awesome in it.

Do not get convinced by an over enthusiastic sales representative to purchase what isn’t really you. This is never a wise move. It also pays to think up multiple ways to style an outfit, so you can get multiple wear off it. Smart fashion? Yes!

Here are my top three tips for what to look out for before committing your funds to an outfit:


  1. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: Did you fall instantly in love with it. Your first reaction is always the right one. If you hated it outright, chances are, those feelings would come creeping right back. You must at the very least like it at first or be positively neutral. Some pieces transform completely once they are tried on. Bottom line, the image in the mirror must meet your approval.
  2. Comfort:Being comfortable does not necessarily refer to it being too tight or too big. That is also very important mind you. Comfort here is referring to being comfortable with the outfit in general. Does the style fuse with your personality? Are you happy to project that image? Does it go with your core values? Would you be happy to wear it to the stated event? Take for example I go to a store in search of an outfit for a funeral. The store assistant pulls out a gorgeous really fitted midi black dress. I try it on and it’s perfect. It shows my figure off in the most flattering form and is the perfect dress to own. Barr one niggling but really looming hiccup; It is not a look I am comfortable with wearing to the funeral.Yes, it looks awesome and yes it is gorgeous but NO I shall not be purchasing it for the funeral.
  3. Versatility: Is it a versatile piece? Do you see yourself wearing it for different functions etc? It’s fairly simple, if you can think of the outfit serving  just one purpose, then perhaps you shan’t be getting maximum value from purchasing it. Thinking up various styling ideas and places you can automatically wear the intended purchase to is a great way to ensure you buy what serves you really well.


Take for example this gorgeous reversible jacket by Ego Maduekwe stocking at Zinkata. I absolutely love it and can off the top of my head think up really awesome ways to style it. It could be worn as a short dress, or even with jeans or as I have styled it below:

See photos:


It is an outfit I shall certainly get maximum wear off!!

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Ezinne Chinkata

Photography: Kola Oshalusi

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